Apollo 2018 World Festival of Masonic Arts: May 10-13 at GW Memoria

Apollo 2018 World Festival of Masonic Arts: May 10-13 at GW Memorial

Apollo 2018 World Festival of Masonic Arts: May 10-13 at GW Memorial

The Second World Festival of Symbolic and Masonic Arts, APOLLO 2018, will be held May 10th—13th at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Apollo Festival of Masonic Arts is a world celebration of the symbolic culture of Freemasonry, organized by the Association of Masonic Arts (AMA), and hosted by different grand lodges around the world. The main purpose of the festival is to present the centuries old masterpieces of the Craft and contemporary art products, made by brethren from different cultures and countries.

Because Freemasonry has a distinguished history of reaching back to operative masonic times, so rich in religious symbolism, much artistic imagery falls within the Masonic milieu. The AMA considers that many works of art, architecture, music, and literature have a Masonic relationship in their origin. Therefore, works which manifest a sincere respect for deep Masonic convictions, in their use of Masonic symbols or themes are included as Masonic arts. These include: visual and plastic arts, music, drama, literature, and architecture crated by Masonic artists to evoke Masonic themes; all “ornaments of the Lodge” including regalia, jewels, and ritual implements; historical designs and motifs connected with operative Masonry; fine arts or artisan objects created by

While it has not been finalized yet, the preliminary APOLLO 2018 program includes:
• General Exhibition of Masterpieces of Masonic and Symbolic fine arts. Presentation of the history of grand lodges, Masonic libraries and museums, Masonic authors and artists.
• Lectures and presentations on the history and contemporary development of the Symbolic and Masonic arts and material culture. Papers by writers and researches from all around the world are welcomed. The papers will be published in the Catalog of the Symbolic Arts.

• Concerts, Musicals, Dramas. The stage is open to all musicians and performers of Symbolic and Masonic art
• Student contests at poetry, fine arts, music and short documentary movies.
• Lunches, dinners, cocktails, and awards.
• Fellowship time.
The organizers are still actively seeking more interested authors, researchers, artists, craftsmen, and musicians to participate in the event’s programming. Confirmed speakers at this time include AMA Chairman Thomas Jackson, Dimitar G. Mavrov, Ryan Flynn, Barbara Castrucci (Italy), Ferenc Sebok (Belgium), and more. Concerts will be performed by Alexandre Dietrich (Brazil), Janos Cegledy (Japan), and the Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Vendors, publishing companies, museums, and libraries related to the themes of the symbolic Masonic arts and culture are also welcome. For information on entering and presenting, contact the Festival though the website or at masonicartsmedia@gmail.com

As part of the APOLLO 2018 Festival, the AMA is also holding a Student Art Contest. The Student program is intended to reward culturally artistic work, pieces, or compositions whose themes relate to Masonic and Symbolic art, Masonic history, Masonic culture, Masonic traditions, or famous Masonic figures who have contributed to the progress of humanity. The Student Art Contest of APOLLO 2018 will cover the following areas:
• Poetry
• Fine arts: paintings, graphics or sculptures

• Short Documentary movie

• Music: musical composition, which may also include lyrics.
Tickets for the four day event are $400 and include admission to all presentations, exhibitions and concerts. Lunches and three dinners are also included.

If you are interested in being a part of the program as a presenter, exhibitor, student entrant, or other active participant, please contact them IMMEDIATELY before the March 30th deadline via the website or via email at masonicartsmedia@gmail.com

Founded in 2013, the Association of Masonic Arts is actively involved in laying the groundwork for a far greater appreciation of the significance of the Masonic Arts, and its recognizable material culture in Western history and beyond. Though the beautiful objects of the Craft have long been a focus of great fondness for Masons, the serious potential in using the wider appreciation of its themes and symbolic meanings has been under-appreciated as a simple way of bringing all those connected with Masonic traditions together. The AMA will strongly pursue the goal of fostering greater research, dialogue, courteous debate and vigorous application of basic artistic enthusiasm towards a higher purpose.


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