How to join real Freemason in Ghana? Here is all you need to do!

Freemason is the globe’s most popular, largest and the oldest of all fraternity. The brotherhood shown among the members is worth envying. Ghanaians have not been left out, they are also sailing in this boat of not less than 2 million people from all races and ages.

How to join real Freemason in Ghana
Freemason in Ghana

Why do people wish to become Freemasons? Well, it is a popular organization in the world and it promises riches, but is this enough reason to attract such huge numbers? Here are more reasons:

* It is an organization that people join on their own free will.
* Men who join the organization are of good reputation and character since they have their own creator that they worship. They believe in their fatherhood God and joining them does not mean that you will need to change your religion.
* They are known to be kind and loyal to all including their country.
* This organization fulfills what men lacked.

This is a question that many Ghanaians often ask, and here is the answer:

* The brotherhood is there to support you whenever you feel you are down or alone. Brothers only wish the best prosperity in ones life. Be prepared to have a family that will combine efforts to see you prosper in life.
* Being among the organization will bring you good if you be patient to learn and to study.
* If you join the organization, people will notice your maturity in the way you handle life. It makes your life characters have a sudden noticeable change.

How Can I Join Freemason in Ghana

To join this big organization, there are a few requirements that you will need to fulfill. These are guidelines to all the Ghanaians who want to join.

* Be a man of good character and reputation
* You need to know the Ghanaian age of entry, in some countries after attaining 21 years of age you are more than qualified.
* You need to believe or have faith in a supreme being.
* You must be capable of taking care of your family and yourself as well.
* You have to be loyal, have the strength, and be filled with a desire of helping. You should be able to make a difference in people’s lives as well as your country.
* You need to live according to the good morals required by your community as well.

How do you embark on joining the Freemason Fraternity

Contact the Grand Lodge of Ghana or find the locations of the Freemason Fraternity’s lodge in Ghana. The dues vary and you should be ready to pay according to the dues of the admission paid in Ghana. Find their telephone numbers and book an appointment. Keep in mind that they only meet twice in a month.

Make arrangements and meet the Masonic lodge committee members. They will need to do their own investigations on your honesty. That will take a couple of weeks or even 2 years. The lodge members must ballot on your admission. If they agree, your date of admission will be made by the members.

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  1. I am a soldier and a nurse too at the 37 military hospital….its my strong will to join this noble family….please mr.horton…could you kindly send me your contact so i can reach you please

  2. It’s very difficult for to find Freemason in Ghana here, where can I locate some. I want to Freemason since that I can get support and donation to help people around my village.

  3. I have interest of joining but reaching you people have become difficult? Can I have any of you contacts. I leave around Akosombo in the eastern part of Ghana

  4. Comment Text*I want to joined the society to be come rich and famous and take a good care of my self and my family am full ready to do anything to become a member of this brotherhood society

  5. Please I’m Acheampong nana Evans from a poor background I have try several times to join but they have been duping me and I’m not happy about it so I want to make a huge change.i want to gain powers rich and famous

  6. I am a young man of 34 years of age as well a business man from Volta region but i leave in Tema, I will like to be a member of Freemason. what is the first steep should i take to be come a member please.

  7. Pls I want to join this fraternity but I fine it difficult to get way, so I need your kind support to guide me join you. Iam in Wenchi Bono region.
    Counting on your cooperation. Thank you.

  8. Do I need certain financial status before I can become a member? I need a family that would accept me and give a helping hand to fulfil my dreams and help others . I’m lost frustrated and down heartedly.
    I need an advice and help .

  9. My name is Fredrick Deodatius I come from Tanzania Dar es salaam.I’m here to become a Member I’m serious on this.Please I need help.You can contact with me through my WhatsApp number.+255757272757

  10. i am very hard working man but i am facing so much problems financially,i need very strong spiritual protection and also became very successful in life some of your members

  11. I have searched for the brotherhood for a long time,I lucky find this page tonight, please I am desperate to join the brotherhood, I am all alone so I have to get into this big family fast,if not something strange can happen to me,l live at Kumasi Fawoade and this is my personal number 0555760002, I have to give all my details to you because I am desperate, please help me.

  12. I want to become a member of Freemason because I followed them on Adom TV and Joy FM as well which I became interested to join them become a creative for my dreams comes true…

  13. Hi am from Ghana and am ready to join the brotherhood now please accept me to join now ,I want to win souls ,Tobe rich ,popular, wealthy, famous, powerful and business mind and travel across country to introduce more members to the family . .you can call or whatsapp me on +233542426598. ..

  14. Please am from Ghana and am ready to join the group any moment from now. I want to be rich ,wealthy, powerful ,famous, popular and also win souls for the brotherhood and ready now please I have my passport and  let me join. You can call or whatsapp me know +233542426598……


    Sent from my Samsung device

  15. I Agya Atta i won’t to join Freemason because i am like it my hart.i am thirty nine years of old .i am married man ,i came from Ashanti kenyasi. I am taxi driver .i stay at Allaji blue gate Accra. I am struggle in life. Please help me if don’t helping me i will kill my self.thank.it me Agya Atta my phone number is 0575406340.

  16. I located one of the temples in Ghana and I was told I can’t join unless I am being introduced by a mason, still till now I haven’t been able to find one

  17. Please I received this message “Congratulations on taking the first step in your desire to join one of the noblest fraternities on earth. As part of your application, a fee of 50 pounds is to be paid, before initiation. Your benefactor is Worshipful Lord Adam Saddat (0201661331); it will be easier if you can reach out to him.
    Confirm that for me.

  18. I want to share with you my testimony of how I joined this great organization of illuminate, really I was so poor and my life was almost to die and i tried many times to join illuminati but all was in vain where by i was facing fake people who were claiming to be agents of illuminati. They ate my money without helping me out there i loosed hope in illuminati. But because i was very interested and focused on my dream, I continued trying there I meant an agent called Mr Adams from South Africa Cape Town but currently in Nigeria  who told me he will help me out still i didn’t trusted him at all because of the first pain i passed through, still also asked me to send him money there i get scared but with time he sent me my membership i’d card there i proved it and trust in him little and i accepted and send him money, but what amazed me is that immidiately after sending him money, within like 24hours  hes sends me 3 million dollars directly on my account as my first benefit there i trusted him more and he is the only agent i trust because he helped me seriously. So my friend if you want to join illuminati am going to help you and connect you to that agent but you must be serious me i dont have that authority of joining anyone who is serious i will connect you to him. on WhatsApp +2349031111198 or email him (illuminatiworldofpawer@gmail.com)

  19. i am claude and i want to join the brotherhood but i find it very difficult locating my local lodge around where i stay in Amasaman i need your help to join 0244661591

  20. Comment Text I really want to join the freemason,but had no one to help me out,so pls who ever that reads this comment should try and help me join the secret cult..Thanks

  21. I want to be a member of the mason in Ghana ,so that I will become noble man and help the needs and also to heal the world so help me to be part of this noble family.

  22. I want to join Freemason ,am a musician, I want to be famous and wealthy, not instance famous or instant rich , I really want to join Freemason

  23. I now read more about the freemason it is a very good brotherhood and I’ll be very grateful to become a member I will be proud to help people change peoples life

  24. Am 38 years old married with two sons. I reside in tema and want to join the brotherhood. Have tried to call the numbers provided for the Ghana office in Accra but there is always never response.

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