Video “FREEMASONS : Secret History – Full Documentary”. Please understand the Brotherhood correctly!

Video Transcript

They’re the world’s oldest existing secret society the Freemasons throughout their long history they’ve been suspected applauding to take over the world accused of fomenting bloody revolution in England France and America reviled as devil worshipers who stole the ancient treasure of King Solomon to fund their diabolical schemes the freemasons insists they’re just a civic minded fraternity bound together by secret and elaborate but ultimately harmless rituals what is the truth about the Freemasons what are their secrets and why when it comes to the Freemasons is fact often stranger than fiction behind every closed door lies a mystery for the freemasons the hidden history begins inside a sacred temple 1000 years before Christ with the shadowy figure at the heart of Freemasonry Iram Abiff also known as the widow’s son there is no one version of the harm of if legend just as there is no one version of any legend according to the Freemasons the widows son of Hiram Abiff is the master builder of King Solomon’s Temple the temple will house the stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments and the holy presence of God himself according to Freemason legend Israel’s King Solomon has received the design directly from God Iram to knows the secrets of the divine plan in the story aramid Beth is accosted by three junior workers who are jealous of the fact that they have not been given all the secrets of masonry and they try to extort them from harm of Beth the workers believe that a single secret code word will give them Hiram’s knowledge of God’s divine plan and with it magical powers each one of the three assailants of Hiram is constantly asking for the secret word and Hiram keeps telling them you know this is strange why are you asking for this every day at noon Hiram leaves the worksite to pray so the three workers lie and wait at the temples 3-doors as Hiram approaches the east door the first man stops him and demands the secret Hiram replies that when the temple is finished he will be told the secret word the word is given in recognition of accomplishment when a Mason has proved himself as an apprentice and as an expert craftsman he’s then recognized by being given the word of a Master Mason rebuked the man slashes at Hiram’s throat with a sharpened stone hyrum escapes but at the south door the second man demands the secret again the wounded Hyrum refuses and is struck with a mason square Hiram staggers to the west door again the demand again he refuses and is finally dealt the deathblow as he dies he cries who will have the widow’s son the phrase will become the Freemasons universal cry for help from brother Masons Hiram Abiff s– refusal to give up his secret knowledge to the undeserving makes him the greatest of freemason heroes Hiram Abiff represents the freemason that is the builder who is free who has a free mind you know and that means freedom of religion freedom of speech freedom of movement you know all these liberties that we cherish today so you’re a builder and a free one and you’re always always under attack by three major enemies ignorance fanaticism and tyranny [Music] outside the Bible there is little evidence that either Hiram Abiff or Solomon’s Temple ever existed yet today each of the 15,000 Masonic lodges around the world is designed after the biblical description of Solomon’s Temple….



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