Prince Hall Freemasonry

Prince Hall Freemasonry

If you don’t know about it already, then let us tell you that Prince Hall Freemasonry is known as a parallel line of Freemasonry, which is said to be initiated as a Masonic Lodge for the purpose of keeping the freed African slaves into the colonies while the Revolutionary war was going on.  If we… Read More »Prince Hall Freemasonry

The Masonic Bible. Freemasonry and the Bible

Masonic Bibles

What is the Masonic Bible? And What is the relationship between Freemasonry and the Bible? If we consider the first Hebrew texts upon leather scrolls and papyrus, the Old Testament, as we already know about the fact that, today, it is available to us through the ages. What is the Masonic Bible? There are a… Read More »Masonic Bibles

Freemason Masonic Ritual

What Is The Masonic Rituals?

Today’s topic is “Masonic Rituals”. This is one of the topic topics I get many questions from readers on our website. So today, we discuss it. Short History of the Freemasons The Free Masons are believed to have been formed as a secret subgroup of the Knight Templars and it is believed that these warrior… Read More »What Is The Masonic Rituals?

How to find a Masonic Lodge?

Masonic Lodge

A Certain number of Freemasons who gather to work on a joint project by having authority from a warrant which comes from the Grand Lodge is called a Masonic Lodge. A Lodge room can also be described as the furnished room where the Lodge meets to decide on important issues and keep the necessary activities… Read More »Masonic Lodge

York Rite vs Scottish Rite

York Rite vs Scottish Rite

York Rite vs Scottish Rite is a topic among countless Freemasonry topics. What is the difference between York Rite Masonry and Scottish Rite Masonry and which one is considered mainstream? There is no difference, whatsoever, not really, I just wanted to give you an answer you probably haven’t heard before about this topic. York Rite… Read More »York Rite vs Scottish Rite

Masonic Bodies

Masonic Bodies. What Are They?

Masonic bodies comprise several groups such as lodges, chapters, councils, commanderies, and consistories. These, in turn, construct the fraternity of Freemasonry, also called Free and Accepted Masons” which are regulated by private groups of members. The functional Masonic body is the Masonic Lodge that grants the first three degrees in Masonry, being that of Entered… Read More »Masonic Bodies. What Are They?

Masonic Symbols

The Meaning Of Masonic Symbols

Symbols are not just a constellation of random images or figures. They depict a sign that is understood to represent an idea. In the Masonic context, masonic symbols exist, which are used for present and idea. Proper Understanding of symbols helps to enhance your usage of them as well as expand your horizon of expressions… Read More »The Meaning Of Masonic Symbols

Masonic Square and Compass

Masonic Square and Compass

When you hear the word “Masonic Square and Compass”, what comes to mind? Do you just hear the symbols at the geometric level or you hear something relating to shapes and Objects? Well, Square and Compass can relate to different things and symbols with meanings. Symbols depict a mark, a sign that is understood to… Read More »Masonic Square and Compass