33rd degree mason

What Is A 33rd Degree Mason?

Hello everyone, glad you are here. And today’s topic of Freemasonry Knowledge, we’re going to be talking about “what is a 33rd degree mason”. As we’ve discussed in previous topics, the highest degree a Freemason can achieve in the Fraternity is the Master Mason degree. The third and final degree in the symbolic Lodge which… Read More »What Is A 33rd Degree Mason?

Who Are The Shriners?

Who Are The Shriners?

Thinking enhances analysis and therefore, it is good to begin with who are the Shriners? Having its foundation laid back in 1870, in Manhattan, the body aims to achieve human welfare. The mission bespeaks in ensuring the highest quality care to children with neuromusculoskeletal conditions, burn injuries, and other special healthcare needs within a peaceful… Read More »Who Are The Shriners?

What is a Past Master Mason

What Is A Past Master Mason?

Today’s reader question is a tricky one. The reader asks are you going to go Past Master Mason? This is a tricky question because there are at least three that I know of ways to describe Past Master Mason. Please understand the wording of the question when somebody is interested in whether or not you’re… Read More »What Is A Past Master Mason?


THE SEPARATE FRATERNITY INSPIRED BY FOUNDING SUPPORT FROM TEMPLAR CHIVALRY As a historical institution, the Order of the Temple of Solomon is distinctly “Non-Masonic”. This neutral description objectively reflects the following facts: (1) The chivalric Order of the Temple of Solomon of the Middle Ages never merged into the later fraternity of Freemasonry of the… Read More »FREEMASONRY & THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR

George Washington


The Order of Ancient, Free, and Accepted Masons was first established in London in 1717. Despite tracing their historical roots to the first mason of the Temple of Solomon, the masons of the eighteenth century had little to do with the profession of architecture or masonry. Founded for the purpose of gathering political, cultural, and… Read More »Freemasonry



King SOLOMON’S TEMPLE, the Temple Legend is a name that I give to that legend or tradition which traces the origin of Freemasonry as an organized institution to the Temple of Solomon and to the builders, Jewish and Tyrian, who were employed in the construction of that edifice. This is the legend that is now… Read More »King SOLOMON’S TEMPLE