What Is Freemasonry? | Freemasonry Explained

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that has a history spanning hundreds of years and many countries. Despite being a secret society, Freemasons have made their mark on history and many fields, including politics, business, and religion. Freemasonry is often associated with secret societies, but its teachings and traditions are not a part of the dark arts. Rather, they focus on education, morality, charity, and brotherhood. Freemasons believe that their purpose in life is to serve humanity through these four pillars.

This video is designed to answer some of the questions: What is Freemasonry? Who are the Freemasons? That may arise when someone first hears about Freemasons.

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Masonry is a university, teaching the liberal arts and sciences of the soul to all who will attend to its words. This FB Group was created so that Freemasons could converse, better understand Freemasonry and to educate those in the craft.