Colour Blue Masonic Symbol: Unveiling Secret Meanings

Significance of Blue in Masonry: Reminding Universal Amity and Kindness

Blue’s Timeless Symbolic Value Across Cultures

Historical Significance in Early Civilizations

Blue has been a color of importance in many early societies, symbolizing a myriad of ideals like truth, purity, and the divine. From Judaism’s use of blue in religious garb to the adornment of idols in Babylon, blue’s sanctity was universally accepted. The Chinese saw blue as embodying a balance of opposing forces, and medieval Christians associated it with everlasting life and divine affection.

Masonic Significance of Blue

In the Masonic tradition, blue stands as the emblem of universal generosity and camaraderie and serves as a constant reminder for these virtues to inhabit a Mason’s heart, akin to the embracing sky.

Blue’s Role in Masonic Degrees and its Underlying Meaning

Degrees of Ancient Craft

Blue, central to the three degrees within Ancient Craft Masonry, symbolizes key philosophical tenets.

  • Entered Apprentice: This initial step in Masonry adorns blue to signify the aspirant’s quest for truth.
  • Fellowcraft: Progressing deeper into Masonic understanding, blue in this degree encourages the pursuit of wisdom.
  • Master Mason: The pinnacle of Ancient Craft, blue here highlights Freemasonry’s global essence and the importance of fraternity without borders.

Blue in the Scottish Rite Degrees

Within the Scottish Rite, blue holds distinct meanings across different degrees.

  • Grand Pontiff: Blue in the Nineteenth Degree represents attributes such as kindness and loyalty that are essential to a Mason’s character.
  • Grand Master of All Symbolic Lodges: In this degree, blue pairs with yellow to reflect historical divine revelations.
  • Prince of the Tabernacle: The Twenty-fourth Degree uses blue to signify an aspirational passage from earthly life to spiritual afterlife.

The color blue, deeply rooted in ancient wisdom and spirituality, stands as a poignant symbol that unites Freemasons worldwide in a common pursuit of knowledge, truth, and moral integrity.