Fellow Craft Quiz

This Fellow Craft Quiz may be used by any member of the Lodge seeking more light.

While it is the duty of the Masonic Master to provide a good and wholesome education to the brethren, its best use is by the Masonic lodge Education Officer to teach others.

Masonic quiz taking can be both fun and enlightening, wherein each brother goes away from the Masonic Education meeting knowing his time has been well spent.

Lodge Education Officers:  Print multiple copies of both the questions and the answers, below, to easily and quickly perform your duties to provide Masonic education to the new members of the brethren at your next lodge education meeting.

Take this Fellow Craft Quiz to test your knowledge of the second degree of Freemasonry.

Scroll all the way to the end for Quiz Answers.  They are farther down, below the quiz so they will print on a separate piece of paper.

Fellow Craft Quiz

Fellow Craft Quiz – 20 Questions

Test Your Knowledge of the Fellow Craft Degree!

1.  The Fellow Craft Degree symbolizes which period of
     man’s life?

      a.  Youth

      b.  Manhood

      c.  Age

      d.  Transitional

2.  What does the Level symbolize?

     a. Honesty

     b. Morality

     c. Equality

     d. Solemnity

3.  What does the Plumb symbolize?

     a. Uprightness of conduct

     b. Uprightness of admission

     c. Uprightness of character

     d. Uprightness of truthfulness

4.  What are the names of the two pillars at the entrance of
     King Solomon’s Temple?

    a. Daniel and Elijah

    b. Aaron and Moses

    c. Abraham and Joseph

    d. Boaz and Jachin

5.  What do the “Winding Stairs” represent as a whole?

    a. Unity, Faithfulness and Elation

    b. Inquiring mind, Toiling and Laboring

    c. Journey of Life

    d. Uprightness of conducting one’s actions

6.  What do the first three steps represent?

    a. Entrance to King Solomon’s Temple

    b. The three great lights

    c. Master’s station in the east

    d. The three principal officers of the Lodge

7.  What do the next five steps represent?

   a. The five orders of architecture

   b. The five principal officers of the Lodge

   c. The five lesser lights

   . The five working tools of a Fellow Craft

8.  What do the final seven steps represent?

     a. The seven liberal arts and sciences

     b. The seven degrees in Freemasonry

     c. The seven years in Masonic development

     d. The seven penalties of the obligation

9.  What is taught on the journey to the Middle Chamber?

     a. Ignorance to enlightenment

     b. Passage of time

     c. Manhood to Age

     d. Journey to King Solomon’s Temple

10.  What is meant by the term “Middle Chamber”?

      a. Symbolic second floor of King Solomon’s Temple

      b. Symbolic next step to the Fellow Craft Degree

      c. Symbolic place of reward

      d. The Symbolic rooms found in the First Book of Kings

11.  What is the significance of the letter “G”?

      a. A symbol of geometry and a Holier Significance

      b. That man is reminded that God is in all nature but not 
          in every man

      c. Goodness is always present

      d. Because it is an emblem worn by Masons in England

12.  What are the responsibilities of a Fellow Craft?

a. To acquire the symbolic uses of corn, wine and oil

      b. To acquire man’s understanding from ignorance to

      c. To acquire the symbolic meaning of the letter “G”

      d. To acquire knowledge and apply that knowledge to
          your duties in life

13.  What is emphasized in the Fellow Craft Degree?

       a. Symbolically entering another world

       b. Symbolically teaching Charity

       c. Symbolically  passing from youth to age

       d. Symbolically passing from youth to manhood

14.  When did we start to transform from Operative to Speculative Masons?

       a. 1400’s

       b. 1500’s

       c. 1600’s

       d. 1700’s

15.  Where was the first Grand Lodge formed?

       a. Dublin, Ireland

       b. Glasgow, Scotland

       c. Manchester, England

       d. London, England

16.  How does a Fellow Craft wear the Apron?

       a. With the flap turned down

       b. With the flap turned up

       c. With one corner of the flap turned up

       d. It does not matter

17.  What are the principle working tools of a Fellow Craft?

       a. The Plumb, the Square and the Level

       b. The Level and the Plumb

       c. The Gavel and the Square

       d. The Gavel and the Twenty-Four Inch Gauge

18.  The “Square” is an instrument of what?

       a. Virtue

       b. Harmony

       c. Honesty

       d. Charity

19.  How many Orders of Architecture are there?

       a.  3

       b.  5

       c.  7

       d.  9

20.  How many Liberal Arts are there in Freemasonry?

       a. 3

       b. 5

       c. 7

       d. 9

Fellow Craft Quiz Answers

1—-B; 2—-A; 3—-A; 4—-D; 5—-C; 6—-B; 7—-A; 8—-A; 9—-A; 10—A; 11—-A; 12—-D; 13—-C; 14—-D; 15—-D; 16—-A; 17—-B; 18—-A; 19—-B; 20—-C

Education Officers: Ask for questions after the quiz has been taken and the answers given, to maximize each brother’s understanding of the Fellow Craft Quiz.

I hope you have enjoyed this Fellow Craft Quiz and that it has been helpful to you.

by Masonic Lodge of Education

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