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Famous Freemasons


Famous Freemasons (A – Z)

Throughout history some members of the fraternity have made no secret of their involvement, while others have not made their membership public. Following is an abridged list of Freemasons, many of whom for various reasons…

Famous Freemasons (A – Z) Continued

E Ebdon, Peter (1970- ) – Born in London, Peter Ebdon is a professional snooker player and former world champion (2002), renowned for his remarkably focused, determined and accurate style of play. The son of Queen…

Famous Freemasons (A – Z) Continued

M McAdam, John Loudon (1756-1836) – A Scottish engineer and road-builder, John McAdam invented a new process, “macadamisation”, for building roads with a smooth hard surface that would be more durable and less muddy than soil-based…

Famous Freemasons (A – Z) Continued

C Campbell, Sir Malcolm (1885-1948) – Malcolm Campbell started his career racing motorcycles but subsequently began hunting World Speed Records on land and on water, holding both records during the 1920s and 30s. At Bonneville Salt…

Famous Freemasons (A – Z) Continued

I Irving, Sir Henry (Real name: John Henry Brodribb) (1838-1905) – Born into a working class family in Somerset, following much hard work in company touring theatre, Irving became an outstanding London stage actor of the…

Famous Freemasons (A – Z) – THE END

Q Quezon y Molina, Manuel Luis (1878-1944) – Quezon was the first President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines (1935-1944) under U.S. occupation rule in the early period of the 20th century. Manuel Quezon was raised…



The Masonic Symbolism of the U.S. Capitol

The US Capitol is not simply another governmental building. It is the spiritual center of the United States. Its structure, its art and its symbols all reveal the great importance of secret Fraternities in the…
George Washington


The Order of Ancient, Free, and Accepted Masons was first established in London in 1717. Despite tracing their historical roots to the first mason of the Temple of Solomon, the masons of the eighteenth century…
Secret History Of The Freemasons In Scotland

Secret History Of The Freemasons In Scotland

Conspiracy theories abound about the Freemasons. But Scotland’s true Masonic history, while forgotten by many for centuries, remains hidden in plain sight. With its cobblestone paving and Georgian façades, tranquil Hill Street is a haven…

Masonic Square and Compass

When you hear the word “Masonic Square and Compass”, what comes to mind? Do you just hear the symbols at the geometric level or you hear something relating to shapes and Objects? Well, Square and…


THE SEPARATE FRATERNITY INSPIRED BY FOUNDING SUPPORT FROM TEMPLAR CHIVALRY As a historical institution, the Order of the Temple of Solomon is distinctly “Non-Masonic”. This neutral description objectively reflects the following facts: (1) The chivalric…

Freemasonry: What Is It and What Is It Not?

Freemasonry is a concept that describes the teachings and practices of a fraternal order of the Free and Accepted Masons. It is currently one of the largest societies worldwide, with estimates of its worldwide membership…

How Freemasonry Have Been Making Good Men Better?

Many histories usually overlooked both the minor and major contributions of the Freemasons to mankind. In this video, You will understand the contributions of Freemasons to the society.


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