A Masonic Testimony – Freemasonry as a Journey

We were thrilled to hear from one of our readers recently, who contacted us to share his thoughts on Freemasonry in the UK, and how his membership of a lodge has shaped his life. We hope you enjoy hearing from him.

Freemasonry as a Journey

I view Freemasonry as a journey, rather than a static membership of something. It’s more appropriate to say that one explores Masonry, as opposed to being a Mason. Being a Mason gives the impression that it’s enough to just become an Entered Apprentice and rest on your laurels.

But in my more than twenty years of exploring Freemasonry, I’ve come to learn that those that get the most out of it are the ones that engage and reflect upon the Masonic experience.

Over time, I’ve also become less concerned about what society thinks of Freemasonry. When I first joined my home lodge in the late 1990’s, society ubiquitously viewed Masonry as a lurid, secretive sect that was reserved for men of a certain ilk.

But as I engaged with my fellow brothers in the decades that followed, I quickly came to realize that they were just normal men looking for fellowship and enlightenment. With great enthusiasm, I sought to understand the innermost workings of Freemasonry, and had little time to worry about the opinions of those outside the Craft.

If I was pressed to articulate a standout experience from my time within Freemasonry, I would have to say that the fundraising efforts of our lodge have made me extremely proud. As a trustee of an international charity working in Africa, I understand the significant challenge facing small, grassroots organizations that seek to improve people’s lives in myriad ways.

As such, when we raise money for worthy causes in the UK through events and generous contributions, my heart swells with pride at the power of collective philanthropy that is possible thanks to the structure of Freemasonry.

For anyone hoping to become a Mason, my advice would be simple: enter with an open mind and engage with the people and teachings you experience.

It’s wonderful to hear personal testimonies from our members about their Masonic experience, as it really brings to life much of the content we share on this blog.

If you would like to share your Masonic experience with us, or indeed write an article about anything related to Freemasonry that you find interesting, please get in touch as we’d be delighted to hear from you!