Studying at the Masonic College of Art and Science

Based in Colorado, the Masonic College of Art and Science is an unaccredited online college, that provides an alternative to modern university education. While it’s not necessarily a school of Freemasonry, it seeks to restore the philosophical model of the schools of ancient mystery to educate learners from different backgrounds.

As brothers appreciate, many of the secrets of Masonry can be traced to the ancient mysteries, and the college recognizes that the ancient mysteries, and ancient wisdom more generally, are widely ignored by the present-day tertiary education system.

Bringing together ancient wisdom and modern science, and fusing them with the Masonic structure of learning, the college aims to provide an ‘applicable and non-reductionist understanding of himself, his community, and the world.’

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How does it work?

Through non-traditional methods of instruction and research, the college delivers a range of courses that are designed to encourage students to use a range of tools at their disposal to discover his personal Truth.

The college offers four programs of study: Behavioural, Modern Liberal Arts, Transformational, and Esoteric Science. Each of the programs is structured within three levels, and contain up to seven individual modules. When the course is over, students receive a certificate of completion. The college is unaccredited, but the certification is still valid evidence that the candidate has undertaken further study. 

Who is the college for?

In spite of its name, no membership or involvement with Freemasonry is necessary should you wish to apply for a place at the college. Applicants must be 21 years of age or older and should be able to read, write, and speak fluently in the language of instruction. As such, the college welcomes any applicant who seeks to follow an alternative path within their formal education.

Anyone with an interest in understanding their position within the cosmos is encouraged to apply, and the programs have been designed to stimulate conversation and debate. Students meet online for a couple of hours every week, and complete research as directed by the course facilitator in their own time.

For more information

If you’re interested in finding out more information, or if you would like to apply for a place of study at the Masonic College of Art and Science in Colorado, you can visit their website.


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