The Interconnectedness of Freemasonry

Brothers quickly learn that Freemasonry is not just about the self. It’s the chance for men to be part of something more significant than their own lives, and provides them with a platform from which to explore their very existence.

The opportunity for contribution within the fraternity is also immense, owing to the fact that brothers come from all walks of life and are easily connected to Masons in different parts of the world.

This is what we mean when we talk of the interconnectedness of Freemasonry. It is a fraternal organization that encourages contribution, charity, and collaborative learning. Let’s dig a little deeper and discover what Freemasonry teaches us about interconnectedness.

The Interconnectedness of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry’s core values.

As every brother knows, Freemasonry teaches four core values: integrity, friendship, respect, and charity. There’s nothing within the core values about self-preservation or personal development. The very ethos of Freemasonry is to develop interconnectedness within the fraternity by teaching these four core values.

Furthermore, the values teach brothers about the importance of serving their fellow men. Through brotherly love, Masons connect with other people around the world to work together and achieve positive outcomes for their respective communities.

The actions of individual Masons

No two Masons are the same. There’s no getting away from the fact that the Craft is a fraternity made up of individuals. However, herein lies the beauty of interconnectedness within Freemasonry; brothers choose to come together and take actions to inspire change and make positive contributions.

Masons are reliant on their fellow brothers for the preservation of the Craft and the continuation of the Masonic order. Although men experience Masonry at a personal level, it’s their coming together that makes Freemasonry so special and valuable.

A global, interconnected community

With more than six million Freemasons in the present day, it’s certainly not amiss to describe Freemasonry as a truly global, interconnected community. Without drawing divisions based on color, creed, or religion, Freemasonry unifies men under a shared vision, who act as the custodians of the proud and rich history of the Craft.

While many other community groups exist, few can rival the interconnectedness of Freemasonry. It is an order that has thrived for centuries and unified men through trying and uncertain times in modern and medieval history.

As brothers, we should be extremely proud of the way in which Freemasonry brings us together and affords us the opportunity to ask existential questions about our very presence here on earth. Through brotherly love, an adherence to our core values, and an open mind and heart, Masons the world over are proud to serve as custodians of the centuries-old Craft.