A Mason’s Wife Confession

“Don’t wait for the lodge to have a special night to all our ateng’s try to have a special night every night as much as you can.”

The life of a Mason’s wife is not always an easy one. When your husband is first joining, there are many late nights alone. That is because he is either at the lodge or another Mason’s house learning everything he needs to know in order to become a good Mason. Once that is completed, there are regular meetings. These usually occur twice a month. There are also other called meetings and events that they have going on.

Many of the called meetings are arranged to work on the different causes and charities that all Masons are proud to support. These could be planning meetings or after the fact meetings to verify how everything went with an event that they completed. This also includes participating in the events that get scheduled, clean up afterward, and delivering items or money raised to where it needs to go. Plus there are the times when the officers of the lodge are installed into their offices, or when a Brother Mason passes away. The family can request the Masonic rites be performed during the funeral.

During the majority of these, the wife is left at home to keep it running as it should. Sometimes, the wives are able to help and participate during the events themselves. This could include helping cook and serve at events like steak suppers or pancake breakfasts, or providing assistance at events like car shows or bake sale booths. Sometimes, they provide a Public Installation of the Officers where family and friends can witness their Mason get installed in any office he gets elected to. For the most part, however, all she will hear will be “Honey, I’ve got a lodge meeting tonight. I’ll see you when I get home.”

Most wives will agree that it is worth it. When you look at all the good things Masons do, it makes it hard to hold it against the lodge. They support many charities and causes in their local areas. Each lodge also supports causes in their local area, such as women’s shelters and food banks for the needy.

That is part of being a true Mason. It is said among Masons that “It takes a good man and make him better.” Those could not be truer words. A true Mason always puts his best foot forward in everything he does. He puts his all into supporting his family. This starts with his wife.

Even with everything else they do, in both their personal and Masonic life, Masons do their best to show their wives that they are special. The lodge usually makes sure to set aside at least one time a year to honor the lodge wives. At this time, the Masons do everything and will not even let the wives get near the kitchen. They do all the cooking, serving and cleanup while the wives get to sit there and watch.

With all the good things the Masonic Lodges manage to do, is it any wonder that all Masonic wives are extremely proud to say:

“I am a Wife of a Mason.”