The Old Mason And The Closed Lodge

There was once an old Mason who hadn’t attended his lodge for 20 years. One day, he thought he’d go and see what’s been going on with his lodge in his absence. When he arrived he found boards on the windows, and a padlock on the door with a sign saying CLOSED.

As he stood staring at this sad lonely building a younger man walked up and looked along with the old man.

The old man said; I was a member here for many years.

The young man replied; I was the secretary.

I just can’t understand how this lodge could have gone dark. I bought my life membership 50 years ago. Said the old man.

To this, the young man replied every member here was a life member as well.

Puzzled, the old man said; if everyone had life memberships, then what happened? How did it go dark?

The young man replied no one attended the meetings or became involved.

My point is just this: It isn’t enough to buy a life membership, it isn’t enough to pay dues, and it isn’t enough to say you’re a Mason. You have to attend, get involved, and claim your benefits.

The story of the old Mason and the closed lodge carries a valuable lesson. It emphasizes that being a member of an organization, like the Masons, requires active participation and involvement, rather than just holding a membership or paying dues. In any group or community, it’s the engagement and commitment of its members that keep it thriving and prevent it from becoming inactive or “going dark.” This message is a reminder that true belonging and reaping the benefits of membership come from active engagement and contribution.

By: Freemason FanPage