Timeless Traditions

When somebody tells you a story, as long as that story lasts, you’re caught in this sort of timeless moment. Michael Paterniti

Freemasonry – Connecting It All

Freemasonry – Connecting It All by RWB Robert H. Johnson Freemasonry–that age old fraternity that conspiracy theorists claim “control everything”. We say, “We don’t know anything relating to a ‘World Agenda’”. They say, “You’re just not high enough in the order.” But what if for the first time ever, a Freemason, me, told the truth …

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The Circle of Life and Learning

The Circle of Life and Learning by Bill Hosler, PM I visited you today. Seeing you lying there it appeared like you were sleeping, like so many times I visited your house and you had fell asleep on the couch to the television show you were watching. The white lambskin apron around your waist and …

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The Newport Tower: Two Theories

The Newport Tower: Two Theories by Bro. Travis Simpkins Situated in Touro Park in Newport, Rhode Island, the structure referred to as the “Old Stone Mill” or more simply “The Newport Tower” has been a source of mystery, contention and debate for more than a few centuries. The Tower is seemingly older than the town, …

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A Brother’s Love

A Brother’s Love

A Brother’s Love by WB Robert E. Jackson Seven score and 17 years ago, the United States of America was ripped apart and thrust into war with each other. The 85 year-old debate between State independence and centralized Federal control, was coming to a head. The descendants of those who worked and lived side by …

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