New Lodge in New Zealand

Freemasons around the world are responding to the movement toward modernization. For the first time in New Zealand, a contemporary Masonic lodge is being established.

Note: We wrote this on January 19, 2019.

The altar stands proudly in the Freemasons new centre in Christchurch – the Canterbury Kilwinning Lodge.

Freemasonry in New Zealand is entering a “new, modern era” with the opening of a center in Christchurch, according to Freemasons New Zealand.

Today marks the opening of the Canterbury Kilwinning Lodge in Woolston’s Ferry Road after two years of hard work.

Freemasons in Christchurch are hoping that the new center will help them reestablish themselves after the earthquakes that caused the closure of several lodges.

For the past five years, the Shirley center has hosted the majority of the city’s masonic events.

According to Freemasons New Zealand Grand Master Mark Winger, the new, purpose-built, boutique-style building would host masonic rituals as well as social activities for the larger community.

“This year, we’ll be dedicating at least two more structures around the country, which proves that freemasonry is a modern organization. We’re preparing for the future and are in growth mode.” It was his opinion.

“Due to the fact that we’re talking about freemasonry, we’re seeing more males express interest and join.”

There will be a lodge meeting and a special Ceremony of the Dedication to bless the new facilities as part of the inauguration celebrations.

Among the charities supported by freemasons in Christchurch are Camp Purple, a camp for children with Crohn’s and Colitis, and Living Springs, a place for outdoor campers.