What Is The Master Mason Degree?

The highest degree that can be obtained in Freemasonry is the Master Mason Degree. It is used interchangeably with the title Masonic third degree because they mean the same thing.

This Masonic third degree can only be offered by Masonic lodges and cannot be taken as a form of free or paid course online. However, you can take free mini-courses about Freemasonry online as well as subscribe to updates about Master Lodge within the jurisdiction of your location.

Master Mason Degree
Master Mason

Similarities between Master Mason degree and College Courses and Online Degrees

Continued educational training:

Having a Master Mason degree is an avenue to continuing your educational training. Most of the time, knowledge is acquired through Masonic books as well as Schools of instruction and online learning. Online learning cannot give as much comprehensive information as can be gotten from these sources.

Programs of “Study”

Masonic Ritual:  The Masonic ritual stems from lessons in the Holy Scriptures. However expedient, the Masonic ritual is mastered and learnt by the Masonic lecturers who can teach the Masonic education to the lodges within the district. So, if education and teaching are your forte, there is a place for Masonic instructors and mentors within every lodge.  

Fraternal Brotherhood:  There are no exceptions, just like other fraternities offer the social solace of Brotherhood; Masonic Fraternal Brotherhood offers social fellowship for its members.

Masonic Charity: Charity is not an underestimated activity in the Masonic Brotherhood. Members of the fraternity believe in and actively participate in Masonic charity to various and innumerable worthwhile causes signifying a method of giving back to their local communities and the world at large. 

Masonic Participation:  Participation deals with looking for ways to serve and give back. Masonic participation works in diverse ways. One way to serve deals with .a period of duty on the Stewards’ Committee, waiting on the brothers who have previously waited on you. This gives an avenue to participate as an assistant in the degree work, supporting the lodge through frequent attendance and perseverance, as stated in the requirement for Stated and Special Meetings. You can also check on a brother who is ill, bringing wives and other families to social functions and immersing yourself in study research as well as partaking in in-depth fellowship with other fraternity brothers.

Lodge Officers:  There I the known record of some taking the path toward ascending through the Masonic officer chairs to ultimately arrive “in the East”, which is to be elected as the Worshipful Master of the lodge, and whose chair sits in the East. 

Mostly, the role they fulfill is to govern the operations of audits, budgets, and insurance, not merely restricted to rituals and overseeing of the activities in the lodge.. 

The Masonic Third Degree. A call to continual study

It is no news that college degrees steel students with the necessary ingredients needed to take on the world. In the same vein, the Masonic degree possesses in its capability, the ability to broaden your spiritual intelligence while also paving the way for monetary increments. The enrichment you will find is in the spiritual practice of the tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, each day of your life, as you attempt to help others do so, as well.

Most often, after being awarded a Masonic third degree, learning never stops through a lifetime.

Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth
Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth

The Master Mason Degree…The Journey

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization with a belief solely based in a Supreme Creator. Freemasonry centers around what our Creator, no matter he is called by each entity. Even though he goes by different names all around the world, he is still the creator, according to Freemasonry.

The foundation of a Universal Brotherhood of man begins in the Holy Scriptures.

Freemasonry is spiritual and believes that an individual’s religion is an important fragment of the whole component that makes him up. Therefore, people are not forced what to believe, but each man’s faith is built up upon the solid rocks of the creator so that he can find himself in the creator…This is one major role of the Mason Master.

Ancient of Days – God Applying the Compass to Mankind

“Ancient of Days” by William Blake God Applying the Compass to Mankind

Master Mason Degree…The Masonic Virtues

The Masonic Virtues of tolerance, prudence, faith, hope, and charity are not simply spoken words, but these, too, are put into practice in the lives of Freemasons. 

The Masonic Ring of a Master Mason

You are only eligible to purchase your Masonic ring which is a conspicuous symbolism of the Masonic Brotherhood, after you have completed your Master Mason Degree.

Once you have been raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, this ring, which is a form of Masonic symbolism, will serve as a reminder of your commitment to the Masonic fraternity, Faith in your creator as well as your allegiance and belief in the following:

While you may not receive your Master’s Degree online, may your Master Mason degree assist you in charting your Masonic course with wisdom and humility…and I hope that you may experience its many rewards, spoken and unspoken, for which you are deserving to both earn and to receive.

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