How To Become A Freemason?

Hey everybody, glad you’re here. And if you’re reading this blog, one question that you might be curious about is How to become a Freemason?

I have learned over the few years that I’ve been a freemason that this is an apparent catch-22 where on the one hand. Freemasons are told to act in a certain way but on the other hand. Because the public is not generally aware of how the Fraternity works, there are some misconceptions about what’s really involved.

I have heard several times where people think that they cannot ask to become Freemasons. That inherently it’s an invite-only organization. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth and it causes a bit of a conflict.

Because most Freemasons in most jurisdictions do not have the authority to ask someone if they are interested in joining the Fraternity, we can’t ask you if you want to join. It has to be your own free will; it has to be your choice to decide to join. So if the question here is simply, how do I become a Freemason? Then the answer is straightforward. ASK

So then the challenge really comes to who do you ask?

How To Become A Freemason?

How to become a Freemason?

How do you ask? Is there a polite or an appropriate way to ask? The best thing for you to do is to research the Internet the location where you live with the term Grand Lodge.

For example, I live in the state of Texas here in the United States, and I would search for Texas Grand Lodge Freemasons or something to that effect. It will bring up the website for the Grand Lodge of Texas. And when I go there, I can try to find some kind of information many jurisdictions you will find have a listing of their lodges. So it’d be an easy way for you to find information about the closest Lodge to you now that doesn’t mean that that’s the one you have to join.

For example, I belong to a lodge on the other side of the county where I live. There are several lodges much closer to me, but I joined the one I did because I joined Freemasonry. The people that I knew happened to be members of that Lodge. So stepping into a new experience. Obviously, I wanted to join the Lodge where I knew the people that were already involved.

Find the Grand Lodge
Find the Grand Lodge

Now, if you don’t know anybody, it might be of a benefit to you simply to find the closest Lodge. So it’s convenient for you to be able to attend the Lodge.

What do you do well? All you have to do is express your interest. All you have to do is say I’m curious about Freemasonry, and I think I’m interested in joining, then whoever you’re speaking to can start talking to you? They find out well why you are interested and know what questions you may have about Freemasonry.

So that they can make sure that you’re interested in Freemasonry for the right reasons. After all, there’s been a lot of books and a lot of movies involving Freemasonry. Sometimes, people have some extreme misconceptions about what the Fraternity is really all about, and we want to make sure that they understand the obligations that are behind.

After all, it’s a Fraternity, and we do pay dues money is involved. We want them to understand the time that’s involved many lodges meet every single week. Some meet multiple times in a week; others may only meet once a month. So we need to make sure that they understand that if they really want to be involved, that is how often the Lodge meets. There’s no requirement for them to meet that often. So we like to talk to people about these things and make sure that we’re on the same page before proceeding any further.

You’ll be given a piece of paper here. We call it a petition and you fill out the information that says who you are? Where you live? How long you’ve lived in the area? And that gets submitted to the Lodge, then considers that petition and if they’re interested in you becoming a member. They will investigate you, and all that means is a couple of brethren will contact you and ask you some more questions to make sure that you’re a good fit for the Lodge that your heart is in the right place on why you want to join.

Become a Freemason
Become a Freemason

Freemasonry and the Lodge will vote on you and assuming that the vote goes well. You’ll become a member of the Lodge and be initiated. In some places, this process could take 30 days. In some, it could take 60 or 90 days. Sometimes it’s really a matter of timing when did you put in your petition when does your Lodge meet and those kinds of things.

So that’s where I would guide you on starting if you know somebody you have seen with a Masonic symbol such as a Masonic ring or maybe a decal on their vehicle or perhaps a license plate that says Freemasonry. Anything that gives you an idea that that person might be a Freemason. Don’t hesitate to ask them. They’re not going to be offended. They would very much be willing to tell you who to contact or to help you contact somebody so that you can start getting the questions answered that you’re looking for or so that you can move forward and submit a petition to the Lodge.

So there’s a great mystery. There’s the Great Divide we need to make sure that you understand that we, as Freemasons, cannot ask you to join. We want it to be your decision. So you have to come to us to be one ask one.


I hope this article helped you know how to become a Freemason? If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.

by Freemasons Community Contributor

Bro. Andre M. Noble

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