How to become a Knights Templar?

It is possible to become a Knights Templar if you are interested. So, becoming a Knights Templar is not a complicated issue whatsoever.

However, it’s indeed a special and unique approach to completely change your life. You’ll get to understand the goal of life and have a strong position for what is perfect for your nation and community.    

Besides, the very best thing is that you don’t need to be a warrior to combine the registration. Now, “anybody” can grow to be a Knights Templar.    

But if that is your very first time, and you aren’t a Freemason, it’s critical to see that a few essential things.    

We are going to learn in this article is:       

  • The history of this older “Knights Templar” and the modern “Knights Templar”     
  • The Masonic vs non-Masonic Templars      
  • The Best Way to become a Knights Templar

If you want to know about the history of the Knights Templars then this article is very informative for you.     

Let us begin!

How to become a Knights Templar?

Historical Knights Templar vs Modern Knights Templar

Historical Knights Templar were skilled and trained soldiers. They used to fight the people who were creating a mess in the world and they always used to try to make this world a better and safer place for Christians.    

Comfortable households and religious scholars of their era loved them and flooded them with farms, lands, and money again and again. This isn’t true today, as the original Knights Templar and their duties do not exist today.    

Modern Knights Templar is working on, an entirely different perspective and does not have some link with the authentic Historic Knights Templar.    

If you’re questioning why they’re using the specific same name, it’s only because they’re motivated by these. Rather than doing specific duties, their main purpose is to live for Christ and improve the community.    

There’s independence, appreciation, respect, and equality among each of those members too. 

Do you want to be a Freemason to become a Knight Templar?    

Opposing to popular belief, you do not need to grow into a Freemason initially before you connect the Knights Templars.

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You can find quantities of non-Masonic little groups that don’t compel you to enroll for your teachings of Blue Lodge, such as:

The key purpose behind their production would be to gather people from different walks of life, like philosophers, bikers, doctors, etc., and perform the necessary revolution peacefully.    

To put it differently, it’s about stirring the individuals and save the Christian religion.   

The best way to become a Knights Templar

There’s a Templar order in just about all organizations. You can start as a general member of Freemasonry and serve as:      

  • Templar Sergeant (men)
  • Templar Adjutant (women)    
  • Temple Guardian

There are additional chivalric statuses too, like Knight from nobility, however, it’s necessary to function as a Templar Sergeant very first. 

The doors are available for girls also. They could combine of Knights Templar, but their duties can be somewhat distinct.    

It utterly is dependent upon the business! Usually, women will help and promote in different sectors of the company. They will, naturally, be participating in all Templar “duties”, however, their solutions will be linked with skilled professionals, who promote the Knights.    

Apart from this, once you choose the company and register for that the Knights Templar membership, and then you need to watch around for acceptance.    

Generally, they take per week to approve or disapprove your application. It’s important to allow them to look at your behavior and document. If you’re approved, then you have to start “Ability 

Training” immediately.  

It is founded on a few degrees!  

Once you complete the first phase, there are some advanced levels also which are rough:

  • Codes of Chivalry,  
  • Rules of Nobiliary,
  • Templar Culture and Heritage 

How were that the Knights Templar formed?    

Knights Templar, also Called Poor Fellow-Soldiers of both Christ and the Temple of Solomon, were a Catholic military order. They had been highly-trained, well-equipped, and highly motivated.  

They intended to carry out important missions and shield those pilgrims who visit the holy land. 

Order of the Knights Templar was formed by “Hugh de Payens” in Jerusalem, roughly 1119, but formally recognized in 1139 from the papal bull Omne datum optimum. 

They had been the elite fighters!  

It was illegal for them to escape from the conflict outnumbered three to one. Most men and women assume that the creation of the Knights Templar has become an ideology that dictated religious war, which is not true whatsoever.  

Their creation is a reactionary measure to safeguard the collections of pilgrims from throughout Western Europe since they were assaulted and killed while crossing Muslim territories. 

Everything began when Christian armies captured Jerusalem in 1099. Though the town of Jerusalem was utterly under management, there

Was not any kind of misconduct or threat in the burglars, however, the Bandits started preying on the pilgrims?  

It was their only opportunity and way to show their dominance and get the town back again!  

Thus, a fresh order formed with the support of Baldwin II, the principle of Jerusalem. This was their obligation to guard the pilgrims and stop the attack on the holy territory. 

The Knights Templar did not have direct involvement in any kind of societal and fiscal sector of this machine at the start, as their chief aim was to safeguard the pilgrims and holy land. But, there have been many wealthy families which were excited to help them along with the battle. 

They started the floodgates of abundance and showered them Money, lands, and distinct businesses. 

For that cause, the Knights Templar aren’t the team of elite warriors only.   

In Reality, most members of the group had a distinct type of duties, like supporting other members who struggle on the front lines. They used to obtain resources that may be used to finance and announce their fighters. 

Recent researches exposed that 90% of the chain’s members were indeed non-combat members. 

The sole duty they had had, as we have explained before, was to support front warriors of the group and create innovative financial approaches to develop the world’s first multinational corporation.   

With absolute support from the common man, the Knights Templar grew rapidly in membership and power.   

For instance, they started becoming involved in politics. It became one of the easiest ways to have an effect on the authoritative figures and compel them to stick to the ideas and decisions.    

Besides that, there were plenty of other benefits too:

  • They’ve been gifted lands and farms constantly.
  • Some warriors relished the power of castles too.
  • It had been permitted for them to participate in manufacturing and ship-building.
  • It was easy to begin an import-export venture enterprise. 
  • They are also utilized to get spiritual and psychological counseling.    

The benefits and the standing in society aren’t the only things that grew the membership of Knight Templar. There are indeed some remarkable successes also that turned them into heroes. 

The most renowned victories were against Saladin. 

When Saladin with his 26,000 soldiers led toward Jerusalem in 1177, about eighty Templar Knights joined the army of King Baldwin.    

They took advantage of Saladin’s error and defeated his army and compelled him to wind up with Just a handful of the first amounts.    

This win turned right into a legend also introduced serenity in the area for a year. Initially, as their standing increased society, there were a few criticisms too from different sectors. 

Some families and politicians saw them as a direct threat. Some spiritual leaders are against the production of Knights Templar.    

However, a prominent French abbot, Bernard of Clairvaux, endorsed them and encouraged them openly. This open support in the church reinforced their growth much more. 

It helped them to enjoy exceptional rights and advantages.

The Mid-12th Century Wasn’t Great For Your Knights Templar Knights

The Mid-12th Century Wasn't Great For Your Knights Templar Knights

Templar began to reduce their standing and power, and it was due to many things. The Muslim world became united under their leaders, together with the Knights Templar began losing their grounds in the sacred land.    

They had to relocate their headquarters time and period Again to safeguard themselves. Secondly, they encouraged a lot of concerns along with other requests,

Such as Knights Hospitalize and Teutonic Knights. Their opponents and many other spiritual scholars started assuming that they have become a state within a country because of their authority and power.  

For that reason, this sequence was dissolved in the 14th century but fortunately revived again after a Lengthy time, now at the beginning of the 19th century as Knights Templar International.  

Now we have Knights Templar, but they are a Non-governmental business today. They protect Christian sites in the Holy Land but in a “diplomatic manner”.  

Final Words

So there you have it, a whole history of this Knights Templar, and also instructions on how you too can flip to a modern-day Knights Templar. 

If you would like to find out more about obtaining a Knights Templar, then you can contact the official website for more details.

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