How to Become A Shriner?

In our website. How to become a Shriner? is is one of those questions that we usually get from readers. There are different peculiarities and diverse aspects to Freemasonry, one aspect that might raise up some questions in your heart, one of which may be “How to become a Shriner”. This article has been put together with a step-by-step process if the details you will need to arrive at a well-deserved end.

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First things first…

In order to become a Shriner, it is expedient that you become a Freemason.

How to Become A Shriner
To become a Shriner, it is expedient that you become a Freemason.

The Shrine is not just an independent entity that stands out on its own; it runs alongside every details of Freemasonry; this is why it requires a Masonic Lodge membership for proper functionality. As a matter of fact, it is a Fraternity that evolved from the bowels of Freemasonry about a century ago. It has ever since grown to higher levels. Statistics reveal that there are over 4000000 Shriners who attend local temples, especially in Florida, and are devout to the activities of their Shrine. Also, in the United States, there are also over 300,000 Shriners who are devout to this cause. An important question that revolves around the minds of people who wish to become Shriners is about the popularity and relatedness of different types of Shrines that exist.

It is important to note that although the theme of each Shrine seems similar, they are quite different from one another. Therefore, they are not all totally related; subtle differences exist which distinguish them from one another.

For example, Although Islam is a religion which seems to share some concepts and beliefs of Freemasonry, it is not related or connected totally to Freemasonry. They are different entities that stand in their own class all by themselves. The following are characteristics which form the core and foundational laws of the Fraternity, they include:

  • Brotherly love,
  • Relief, truth,
  • Fun
  • Truth,
  • Fellowship

Taking a step further, these characteristics help you in total dedication to the Masonic principles. While being dedicated to the principles, it does not mean that a Shriner and a Freemason have equal benefits or will enjoy equal opportunities; the differences which exist between the two parties are as follows.

As a Freemason, you might not be entitled to enjoy the additional benefits which Shriners are entitled to. Here are what the Shriners can do:

  • There is that allowance for you to attend a variety of social activities with your entire family.
  • Fundraising events can be held for yourself or for hospitals.
  • Social involvement can be an easy thing for you than the other members of Freemasonry.
  • It becomes easy to find a unit that appeals to your interests.
  • High-spirited fun like parades, golf, and trap shooting can be easily available to you

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How to Become a Shriner

Becoming a Shriner is no big deal. It requires pretty much following a set of rules and regulations as well as subtle rites. You can become a Shriner just following the step-by-step procedural requirements of becoming a Masonic Lodge Member. It is also important that your proficiency is proven in the first three degrees of Freemasonry. All Shriners are Freemasons; however, not all Freemasons are Shriners. After becoming a Master Mason with all the acquisition of the three Masonic degrees, a petition can be submitted to become the Noble of the Shrine, if you so desire. You can ask a current Shriner to support and sponsor your application if you so desire. Master Masons already have links with the Nobles of Shrines. This makes the process easy without a ripple chain of complexities. Pooling resources with a Shriner helps you in more ways than you can imagine; it gives the needed ease for easy attainment. For example, proper guidance through the submission for your petition will be granted to you. Proper connections and network leverage will also be made available to you to facilitate the process and help things happen swiftly.

Become a Shriner
Shriners – Image by Aleppo Shriners

Although you need the help of a Shriner, it is also reciprocal. Shriners’ duty is to bring together, counsel, and lead new Nobles who cannot solely handle their way around things. Therefore, it is their duty to work together and bring in New Nobles under the slogan of the Shrine membership ‘Together We Can’. It is their duty to see to the continuity of Unity and Uniformity in the scheme of things. They also help to foster collaboration of joint efforts, the achievement of goals as well as togetherness in the Fraternity. This is not to say your application will automatically be accepted and followed. It means that after your records have been checked and properly pruned to ascertain if you are in good standing, other considerations will be put in place.

There is a high chance your application will not be considered if you are found not to be in good standing. Also, if you have a track record of not following the duties diligently, it is pertinent for them to opt for those Master Masons only who have proved the adeptness in their lodge.

Can a Woman Become a Shriner?

A woman cannot become a Shriner. There are many organizations to which she can belong. Some of which include:

These Organizations have spelt out roles that are performed for the Shrine. They revolve around the following:

  • Providing incredible care for children who suffer from diseases 
  • Helping out in different activities and projects.
  • The Shrine Guilds of America provides education to the children during their stay at the hospital, too. 
  • They also specialize in offering help in many different special projects for children and support them financially too.
  • Also, Women can act as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and teachers.


For a Master Mason, becoming a Shriner isn’t difficult.

N: B, it is important to note that becoming a Shriner is not difficult. There are some fees to be paid, which covers the initiation and other temple requirements.

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